SwfSpriteSheet 1.7 – Sprite sheets from Flash

I made an open source application to generate a PNG spritesheet file from a SWF.

In other words the application creates a PNG file that shows an image sequence, every image of this sequence is one frame of the swf.

This is usefull to allow pixel based game engines to run animations made with Flash.

Supports any kind of timeline structure or actionscript animation.



Screenshot 2



Download From Here


  • Are actionscript animations supported?
    • Yes
  • Supports 3D animation made with an engine that uses Stage3D?
    • Oh Yes!
  • The background of the generated PNG will be transparent?
    • Yes. The application converts  the backround color of the SWF into transparent pixels.
  • If I load a swf with big dimentions the application fails, why? why???????.
    • Because Flash doesn’t support big bitmaps. Anyway, if you need a sprite sheet so big, you are probably doing something wrong with your project.
  • What happens if I have only one frame in the main timeline and lot of movieClips with animation inside them?
    • No problem, the application handles that situation perfectly.
  • I need to synchronize my swf changes and send them to the png file automaticly.
    • There is not a feature to do that for the moment, will be included in future versions….. may be…

Version 1.7 new features:

  • Stage3D supported (not tested).
  • Dynamic resize, now you can see more of the preview area without the need of scrolling.


This is a PNG made with swf  spritesheet creator as an image editor show it:

Source code:

If you want to report a bug, request a feature, send your source code to be uploaded or anything, leave me a reply.